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Web Consulting

We help you achieve the goals of your web site through consultation, research and strategic planning.

  • Web Design - From corporate to whimsical, we design a web site that directly reflects your business. We understand the importance of branding and your web site can reinforce your brand online. We can build your site around your existing corporate identity. Whether you are a corporation, restaurant, retailer or real estate professional, we build an online presence that reflects your business and your goals.

  • Design Consultation - Is your web site looking a little stale? Does it need a blast of color or style? We love to redesign web sites with an updated look and feel. Contact us for more information on user interface consulting and redesign services.

  • Programming and Production - From simple HTML to complicated Flash programming or database design, we can develop you website. We program dynamic, database-driven websites using PHP and ASP. Don't understand this? Don't worry. We can take care of everything so you can concentrate on your business.

  • Web Site Marketing - It's rare that a web site automatically appears in front of a potential client? A lot of effort goes into developing a keyword strategy and search engine marketing campaign. Your website is a valuable tool for attracting new clients and search engine pay-per-click marketing is both effective and affordable. We can develop a detailed advertising strategy around your budget.

Need a logo? Do you have any photographs? Need a comerical layout? We can help you with all three.

  • Film and Digital Photography - We offer both digital and film photography services. Over 10 years of Industrial Photography, we can design, development and manage all forms of photography needs from Chemical (wet) Process to the most advance digital image management system. We're very budget-minded and can find ways to creatively acquire images for your needs, including searching through stock photography providers. We can go on/off location to take photographs for industrial documentation, marketing, and special events at a fraction of the cost of a professional commercial photographer. We can also scan, digitally color correct, alter and resize any photographs you supply for your specific needs.

  • Digital Photo Retouching - We can work miracles in Photoshop. We average between 10-30 man hours a week just working with photoshop. We can insure that your images can be the best reproduction possible.

  • Graphic Design - With over 10 years of Automotive / Sports Event Marketing / Educational / Electrical / Medical Industry, Santana Imaging and custom design your business needs in many levels.
    • Page Layouts
    • Logos. Brochures. Flyers. Catalogs.
    • Ads. Magazines. Newspaper


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